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Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Find Susan!

As many of you know Susan is a very close friend of mine from work, we have known each other for almost six years now. We have laughed and cried together.. been there for each other studying for our Licenses (series 7 and 63 brokers license) We have been pregnant together, been to each other's baby showers. She does my hair, I take her pictures and we let the kids play together. I miss my friend so much and just want to bring her home any way possible.

There has been a lot of emotion over the last month since Susan has been missing. Me and Susan were looking forward to our work party, that was scheduled the same week as the disappearance. She had a joke that she was going to show up Wearing a Tiara, and a prom dress. I couldn't wait to see her actually do it! I went to the work party, and no Susan of course, it was hard.. That very same night, we had the first Vigil for Susan, I cried as we sang "Silent Night" one of her favorite songs.. I spent that week and several others since talking to the police, and giving the media permission to use her beautiful pictures.. Anything to help bring her home.

Before I knew it, Christmas was here, and I couldn't disappoint my kids, I had to pick myself up, and stop worrying so much, I had to show my kids the importance of Christmas, what it is all about about, and how to let love in. I hope my kids don't know how it really felt inside.. numb.. still searching for Susan.. wondering if it is so hard for me.. what is it like for her family? How is it I am so lucky to hold my kids, make Christmas cookies and read them stories and tuck them into bed. I cry just thinking about how Charlie and Braden must feel missing their Mommy.

Braden just had a birthday, and Charlies will be very soon as well. I know Susan, she would never want to miss all of these big important events in her children's lives. If she is alive and out there, I don't want to imagine the torture she is going through, missing all of this. Part of me hopes she is just at peace, and is not going through that kind of pain, or any for that matter.

I just pray some how we find her, that someone knows something that will help bring this Long search to an end. Peace to the torment that everyone close to her like myself is going through. Please do what you can to pass around the flier, send the video link, join the FaceBook friends and family group. There is so much you can do to get her face out there.. You never know who might have seen her, or seen something that can help bring this all to an end, bring her home..
You can also go to : Blasterous.com
Blasterous is a site where you can post this to mutiple platforms all at once, it makes something like this media blitz much easier!
here is her flier:

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